General/Thrash Metal

12 Gauge Outrage - Heavy Metal

Abzurder - Thrash Metal

Acid Age - Thrash/Black Metal

Aeolias - Melodic Heavy Metal

AeSect - Heavy Metal

Afterlife To Ashes - Alternative Metal

Animator - Thrash Metal

Aponym - Progressive Metal

Archaós - Alternative Metal

Arjuna's Eye - Groove Metal

Awaken Dominion - Melodic Heavy/Groove Metal

Call To Arms - Heavy Metal

Castero - Thrash/Stoner Metal

Catastrophe - Thrash Metal

Conjuring Fate - Heavy Metal

Cursed Sun
- Heavy Metal

Exzeltic - Heavy/Thrash Metal

Fireland - Heavy Metal

Fragments - Experimental Metal

Harvester - Heavy Metal

Ketos - Melodic Thrash Metal

Killface - Death / Thrash Metal

Lock Horns - Progressive Metal

McGalligog - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

Marabou - Heavy Metal

Meniscus - Progressive Metal

Nautilus - Heavy Metal

Negativ Result - Heavy Metal

Old Season - Epic/Atmospheric Heavy Metal

Oracle - Progressive/Groove Metal

PAIN IN VAIN - Heavy Metal

Prophecy Within - Progressive Metal

Psykosis - Thrash Metal

Rabid Bitch of the North - Heavy Metal

Raging Conflict - Thrash Metal

Saint Slaughter - Thrash Metal

Saviours of Sin - Melodic Heavy Metal

- Progressive Metal

Shardborne - Progressive Metal

Sixth Extinction - Groove Metal

Slave Zero - Death / Thrash Metal

Snowblind - Progressive/Thrash Metal

Stereo Nasty - Heavy Metal

Terminus - Heavy Metal

Theories Divide - Heavy Metal

Thin Lizzy - Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

This Place Hell - Heavy Metal

Three Hour Ceasefire - Death/Thrash Metal

Twisted Autocracy - Thrash Metal

Wardomized - Death/Thrash Metal

Words That Burn - Alternative Metal

Xerosun - Melodic Heavy Metal

Black/Death/Folk Metal


Aeternum Vale - Dark Atmospheric Black/Death Metal

Altar of Plagues - Black Metal

Apostate Viaticum - Death Metal

Axial Symmetry - Death Metal

Beithíoch - Black Metal/Dark Ambient

Belinus - Black/Folk Metal

Celtachor - Celtic/Folk/Black Metal

Coldwar - Death Metal

Coscradh - Death Metal

Crom Cruach - Black Metal

Crossfire - Thrash Metal

Cruachan - Celtic/Folk/Black Metal

Cruachan - 'Blood for the Blood God'  VIDEO

- Black Metal

Disconnect - Death/Black/Doom Metal

Dread Sovereign - Black/Doom Metal

Eternal Helcaraxe - Black Metal

For Ruin - Melodic Black/Death Metal

From The Bogs Of Aughiska - Black/Dark Ambient Metal

Guttrench - Death Metal

Horrenda - Black Metal

Jenova - Melodic Death Metal

Malthusian - Death/Black/Doom Metal

Mirrors of Obsidian - Progressive Death Metal

Mortichnia - Death/Black Metal

Naddred - Black Metal

Na Cruithne
- Folk Metal

Neamhní - Black Metal

Oiche Samhain - Black/Folk Metal

OVEROTH - Death Metal

OVEROTH - 'The Keeper'  VIDEO

Primordial - Celtic/Folk/Black Metal

Rex Shachath - Death Metal

Scáth Na Déithe - Black/Doom Metal

Scimitar - Black/Thrash Metal

Selene - Folk/Symphonic Metal

Shrouded - Melodic Death Metal

Skewered - Brutal Death Metal

- Black Metal

Sonus Mortis -  Symphonic Death/Doom Metal

Strangle Wire - Death Metal

Valediction - Melodic Death Metal

Vircolac - Death Metal

Waylander - Folk Metal

Warpath - Death Metal

Wheels of Poseidon - Heavy/Folk Metal

Wound Upon Wound - Black Metal

Zealot Cult - Death Metal

ZOM - Black/Death Metal

Doom/Stoner Metal

Astralnaut - Stoner Rock/Metal

Brigantia - Doom Metal

Corr Mhóna - Pagan/Doom Metal

Council Of Tanith - Doom/Heavy Metal

The Crawling - Doom/Death Metal

Death The Leveller - Doom Metal

Dirty Casuals - Doom/Groove Metal

The Grief - Doom Metal

Hooded Priest - Doom Metal

Mórdha - Folk/Doom Metal

Mourning Beloveth - Doom/Death Metal

On Pain of Death - Doom/Sludge Metal

Raum Kingdom - Doom/Sludge Metal

So Much For The Sun - Stoner/Doom Metal

Soothsayer - Doom/Sludge Metal

Third Island - Doom Metal

Thy Sinister Bloom - Doom Metal

Unkindness of Ravens - Doom/Dark Ambient Metal

Unkindness of Ravens - 'Leanan Sidhe'  VIDEO


Core/Sludge Metal

Abaddon Incarnate - Black/Death Metal/Grindcore

Alpheidae - Black/Thrash/Metalcore

Antidotes - Groove/Metalcore

Bailer - Heavy/Metalcore

Beneath the Sod - Sludge/Funeral Doom Metal

- Sludge/Doom Metal

Dead Label - Metalcore/Death Metal

Elder Druid - Sludge/Doom Metal

Enemy Logic - Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal

Five Will Die - Sludge/Doom Metal

 Heel of Achilles - Progressive Metalcore

Ilenkus - Metalcore/Progressive Metal

Korvid - Sludge/Doom Metal

Munro - Melodic Death/Metalcore

Nomadic Rituals
- Sludge/Doom Metal

Onkalo - Sludge/Hardcore Metal

Owlcrusher - Sludge/Doom Metal

Provisions - Melodic Metalcore

SUBSIST - Death/Metalcore

Ten Ton Slug - Sludge Metal

Two Tales of Woe - Sludge/Doom Metal

Wreck of the Hesperus - Sludge/Funeral Doom Metal

Zhi Ren - Groove/Doom Metal/Grindcore